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Everything You Wanted to Know About Czech Beads

One of the most beautiful, popular, and ancient types of beads is the Czech glass bead. You have probably encountered it during your search for beads and jewelry supplies for your projects. You may, however, not be familiar with the long history of these beads, nor their usefulness today. Here is a comprehensive look at these beads and jewelry supplies. ...

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Color Ways

10 Most Popular Bead Color Trends of the Year

Trends are a part of every artistic and fashion pursuit. Beading is no exception. Every year brings new beading trends, including new colors to emphasize in your work. These colors can offer inspiration and add appeal to your next beading project. Here is a look at 10 of the most popular color trends of the year for beads for jewelry ...

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Bead Stringing

Picking the Best String for Your Beading Project

When starting a beading project, the focus is usually on the beads you plan to use and the design you plan to create. Especially for beginners, selecting a beading material for a project can be a distant consideration. String, however, is one of the most important beading supplies you choose for a project. Those beads have to go on something. ...

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Labradorite Cabochon

What to Look for in Labradorite Cabochons?

Labradorite is a beautiful feldspar stone that has, in recent years, become increasingly popular. Labradorite is defined by its gorgeous iridescence that makes it appear to glow from within. Base colors of brown, orange, blue, or green are shot through with other colors. This multi-colored look can include every color of the rainbow, from red and orange to blue and ...

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