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Unconventional Beads

Unconventional Bead and Jewelry Making Supplies

Traditionally, jewelry has been made of glass, semi-precious stones, and metals, and many of us still consider these the staple in the industry. However, the creative ingenuity of artists and craftsmen in every culture have found a way to make something beautiful out of the mundane. Jewelry making supplies and jewelry classes are no longer restricted to the traditional elements. ...

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agate gemstone beads

How Do You Know the Quality of Semi-Precious Beads?

Using gemstone beads for jewelry making allows you to use beautiful stones to create beautiful, wearable works of art. If you are going to pay for and use gemstones in your work, however, you want to make sure those stones are authentic and high quality. In a perfect world, you could trust the dealer selling the beads. However, in the ...

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jewelry making supplies

10 Cool Tools for Your Jewelry Making Kit

Making jewelry requires tools. That is why every jewelry maker requires a jewelry making tools kit. Filled with the most essential items for creating a wide variety of jewelry, this kit will help you to craft beautiful projects of all kinds, especially with the holidays right around the corner. Here are the 10 most important items that any jeweler should ...

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Jade Cabochon

Epoxy: The Best Way to Attach Felt Backing to Cabochons

It is a common practice to use backing in beading. Attaching materials to the backs of beads gives beaders a few advantages for their projects. Backing can enhance the look of the gemstone or bead. It can add stability to the bead. When it comes to embroidery, backing provides a strong base for attaching the bead to the embroidery project. ...

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