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10 Most Popular Bead Color Trends of the Year

Trends are a part of every artistic and fashion pursuit. Beading is no exception. Every year brings new beading trends, including new colors to emphasize in your work. These colors can offer inspiration and add appeal to your next beading project. Here is a look at 10 of the most popular color trends of the year for beads for jewelry making.


Beads for jewelry making are taking on vibrant hues.

For the end of 2019 and into 2020, beads are becoming brighter, richer, and more vibrant than ever before. Red isn’t just red. It is a fiery red that takes center stage. Green isn’t just green. It is a rich biscay green. Orange isn’t orange. It is a flaming shade that is as bright as the fall leaves. They often need fewer accompanying colors because they work best as the star of the jewelry. This year, when choosing your beads, go bold with rich, vibrant colors that make themselves known in your jewelry.


Corkscrew PeyoteFall and winter colors evoke warmth.

For fall and winter jewelry making, however, the bead trends of the year emphasize richer colors that evoke feelings of warmth. While dark, these colors are not depressing. Instead, they have rich tones that make them feel welcoming. For example, earthy hues like brown and gold are popular. Likewise, cool colors such as cream or cool green are also gaining popularity. These colors can be used to develop a piece of jewelry that looks rich and elegant while also warm and welcoming for the cold fall and winter days.


Ammolite, Dyed Coral and Red Stone - Buy Cabochons

Complementary colors are being used together.

Colors for 2019-2020 are not going to stand alone. Instead, they are being joined together into complementary color palettes that enrich the piece of jewelry as a whole. For example, one of the most popular colors trending now is coral. This color is a combination of orange and red. It is often used alongside other colors, such as pink, to draw out its rich tones. Mixing primary colors, such as red and blue, or yellow and red, is also a popular way to deliver an eye-catching look. Such combinations create a more stunning look than one color could do on its own.


Ruffle Green & Aqua PendantColorful beads are giving jewelry a more playful look.

Somber looks are out for 2019-2020. Instead, bead colors are trending toward playful looks. This lighthearted appearance includes those vibrant colors discussed above. The mixing of primary colors in bright, bold palettes is also helping to shift bead colors toward a more fun appearance. Their cheerful hues allow the jewelry to look playful, happy, and appealing.


Mysterious Stranger Pendant - GoldBright accents highlight the darker autumn colors.

As warm, dark shades become one of the color trends for beads for jewelry making, so do cool, bright accent colors. That deep blue for winter, for example, can be surrounded by a cool green or an off-white edging. Dark brown can be offset by the right shade of orange. These cooler, brighter colors can help the dark colors look less dismal and more cheerful in whatever beading project they are a part of.


Fanciful Fringe BronzyNature inspires this year’s bead color trends.

Warm, dark colors for the fall and winter are being inspired by the colors of nature. Brown, for example, should take on the shade of the ground and trees. Greens should take on the colors of leaves and pine forests. Reds and yellows should take on the colors of the autumn leaves. Blue should be the deep blue of dusk. These colors, when combined in jewelry, offer a palette reminiscent of the beauty of nature even in the darker days of fall and winter.


Bead Crochet RopeOrange moves beyond Halloween.

Orange in any shade is a bold color. It often reminds one of pumpkins and Halloween. For 2019-2020, however, orange is more than just a seasonal bead color. Beads for jewelry making are now embracing orange as a year-round look. To keep with current trends, choose a vibrant color with darker undertones or a bright orange that creates a vibrant look.


Night Lights event at Austin Bead GalleryPurple becomes a central color.

Purple is not often the first shade you think about when thinking about popular bead colors. However, in 2020, Pantone predicts that it will be one of the leading colors. In particular, a light and airy shade will dominate. Paired with other cheerful colors, it can easily communicate that playful feel you will need for popular jewelry.


Dancing Sistas BraceletPastel colors communicate the airiness of spring and summer.

Dark colors combine with pastel colors as one of the most popular bead color trends of 2019-2020. Pastel greens, yellows, and pinks in particular will dominate. They communicate the airiness of the warmer seasons. They can combine with each other or with more vibrant colors for a look that is suited to the season and totally eye-catching.


Boldness is in.

When choosing beads for jewelry making, the best approach is the bold approach. Make sure that, whatever colors you choose, you select shades and combinations that make a statement. The time for quiet, demure beading is not now. The next year will be about making an impression.

Bold Beads

Beads for jewelry making come in almost every color and shade under the sun. For 2019-2020, however, there are certain trends that will dominate. These include vibrant hues, warm fall colors, complementary pairings, a playful look, bright accents, natural shades, orange, purple pastel, and above all, boldness. The right combination of these trends can lead to successful and gorgeous jewelry for the year to come.

Here at Austin Bead Gallery, we offer a large gallery of beads in the year’s most popular shades. Embrace the latest trends, or start a trend of your own; join our classes to learn more about beading, and enjoy the latest colors and styles for your next project.