Desert Sunset Earrings

Austin Bead Gallery

Imagine yourself relaxing on a deck in the desert, warm gentle breeze blowing through your hair, watching the sunset, margarita in hand. That’s what these earrings are. The strong, yet feminine design and ease of construction will make these your go-to earrings when you want to go out with friends, spend the night dancing, … or just sit and watch …

Drilled Stone Pendant

Austin Bead Gallery

This is the third class in our Drilled Stone Series. We’ll tackle drilling river stones, making a cairn stack, drilling a heart shape, lacing with waxed linen, creative divots, and some hammered wire work. Join us for a fun and noisy evening of power tools and experimentation. Leave with some great stone pendants! All items/supplies will be supplied by Austin …

Beaded Cabochon Bezel with Leaf

Beaded Embroidered Pendant

Austin Bead Gallery

Learn to create a stunning and one-of-a-kind bead embroidered pendant around a cabochon, donut, or any flat bead. We will cover surface embroidery, embellishment, decorative edging, joining pieces together, fun fringe techniques, and the best techniques to make your pendant wearable. Let your imagination go wild and make a stunning statement that is all about you!