Captured Coin Pendant

Captured Coin

Austin Bead Gallery

Have you ever gone on vacation and come home with a handful of beautiful coins to remind you of your trip? How are they going to bring back memories if they’re hiding in a drawer? Make something beautiful and lasting (and most importantly, wearable!) out of those treasures. Create a reversible beaded keepsake that will stay with you forever.

Labradorite Wire Wrapping

Cabs and Slabs

Austin Bead Gallery

Get ready to change your jewelry life! Stones and crystals without holes will become your new favorites once you unlock the door to stone wire wrapping. This intermediate level class requires some wire experience (such as making wrapped loops, tree of life, etc); we are going to hit the ground running! You will learn a very structured method for creating …

Beaded Embroidered Pendant

Austin Bead Gallery

Learn to create a stunning and one-of-a-kind bead embroidered pendant around a cabochon, donut, or any flat bead. We will cover surface embroidery, embellishment, decorative edging, joining pieces together, fun fringe techniques, and the best techniques to make your pendant wearable. Let your imagination go wild and make a stunning statement that is all about you!